Here are the latest tips, guidelines & feedback for Canadian Study Visa from Canadian High Commission:

1)If student belongs to Punjab, Hyderabad or other high risk states then they must submit backlogs summary and it should be genuine not manipulated because Canadian High Commission has PDF software to find out whether it is genuine or manipulated.

2)We strongly recommend that please do not select Payroll, Finance, Taxation and Accounting program because Canadian High commission believes that all these programs are more oriented towards Canadian employer and market not useful for Indian employer.

3)Canadian High Commission emphasize on all Technology program like IT, Biotechnology, Environment, Sustainable Energy, Power, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and all engineering programs. Because all these programs have global opportunities to work in Canada as well as in India.

4)If student has completed Master degree and/or having 4 to 5 years experience then we strongly advise to apply for Master Degree program and not PG diploma program otherwise they are likely to be refused. They can still apply under SPP and decision of application depend on the visa officer. Moreover, they can also apply for special value added program which is not easily available in India.
Generally, The Visa officer reads program curriculum before taking decision in application.

5)We are advising you for GIC account with Scotia Bank and ICICI bank (newly added). We strongly recommend to open GIC account with Scotia Bank because ICICI bank has limited branches in Canada like Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough, Downtown, Calgary, and Surrey- Vancouver. If you want to use ICICI Bank for GIC account then select only the above mentioned cities’ colleges for opening GIC account with ICICI otherwise student may face problem to contact ICICI bank to activate GIC account in Canada. You can use ICICI bank GIC for Centennial, George Brown, Sheridan, Bow valley, SAIT, Douglas, Langara, Vancouver Community College, Fairleigh Dickinson University-Vancouver Campus, NYIT – Vancouver campus, Capilano University, British Columbia Institute of Technology, etc.

6)We strongly recommend do not choose Project Management program as fresh engineering graduate until you have 2 to 3 years Project level experience.

7)Please mentioned previous refusal details (USA, Canada and other countries) in Visa form. If applicable

8)SPP VISA approval rate is lowest in compare to other 10 countries. Just because Visa applications were not appropriate especially with regards to the SPP Norms. It is just 60 % whether other countries has 70 to 80 % approval rate.

9)Online application is better than paper based application but still student can apply paper visa application.
If student is applying paper visa application, student must follow SPP check list to submit documents and application forms properly.

10)12th High school student must have minimum 55% in core subjects.
Visa priority will be given for fresh application with good academic background.

11)Process time of application depends on visa office and/or Visa officer. (15 to 25 days.)
It is strongly recommend that you submit your application at least 2 to 3 months ahead of your proposed date of travel. Applications that are received after 01 April for May entry, after 01 August for September entry and after 01 December for January entry will not normally be processed in time for the start of classes and will likely to be refused.

12)If student is applying under Non SPP then they need to submit visa application before July for September Intake. It is advisable. NON SPP Documents check list are different from SPP Documents checklist.

13)Candidates who are applying for Technical or PG program should have 60 % in core subjects and program involving with customer interaction will increase visa chance.
Programs related to Business or accounting – Marks in English, Math, and Statistics & Accounting should be more than 60 %.
60% marks will be viewed as base marks and preference will be given to students with higher score.

14)Recommended IELTS requirement for PG, Fast-Track and program related to direct public dealing is 6.5 overall not less than 6.0.
Though as per the CIC website 6.0 not less than 5.5 is indicated as IELTS score, first priority will be given to students with a higher IELTS score.

15)Do not choose 2 Years Business Accounting, Payroll, Taxation and Finance as these programs are losing out on Job opportunities in the corporate world and since students completing these 2 year programs end up in with work in Petrol pumps, Malls, Corner stores, these programs are not being viewed as Skill enhancement programs.

16)Please do not hide any semester / fail mark sheets from CIC as they will assume that you are hiding information and it may cause in to refusal.

17)Gaps after studies should not be more than 2 years for undergraduate students and not more than 5 years for Graduates. Only those students who have relevant work experience to the program applied will be given priority.
To fill GAP after study application accompanied with an Appointment Letter / Salary slip / Letter from previous Employer indicating start and end date with nature of duties / job. Experience letter must be signed by authority with full name and designation. All matter should be on company letter head with complete address and contact details. In addition you can keep Business Card of signing authority. It is strongly advisable to submit last 2 years IT return and/or Form No.16 and last 6 months Bank salary statement.

18)10+3 and 10+2+3 year’s education (Diploma) pattern 3 to 4 backlogs acceptable and 10+2+4 (B. Pharmacy, All Bachelor of Engineering etc. ) or more years education pattern 6 to 8 back logs acceptable but failure in core subjects, more than 2 attempts in same subject and more than 5 backlogs will be viewed negatively.

19)Pharmacy Technician program is comply with criteria from the CCAPP (Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs), students applying for the Pharmacy Technician Diploma program will now need to demonstrate overall 6.5 band not less than 6.0 Band in IELTS.
Application with more than 8 backlogs will be considered as NON – SPP application same thing is applicable if there is more than 5 years of GAP and there are more chances to get refusal for these kind of profile.

20)Applicants who did not completed their study on time (i. e; Taken 5 years to complete 4 years program) are most likely to be refused.
Applicants who studied from UK, AUS or NZ may apply for program in Canada with good IELTS score (i. e; 6.5 overall or above) and they should have successfully completed their study. Normally, these kind of profile are likely to be refused.

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