Application Process

After you have completed the application forms and attached all necessary documents, it is time to mail them to the university. Although it is not compulsory to apply to all the universities, but the more universities you apply to, the higher are your chances of getting multiple admission offers. Allow the universities about 15 days of time to process and evaluate your application and documents. Thereafter, you will start receiving mails from the universities about the acceptance or rejection of your applications. Choose the university that will completely fulfill all your academic requirements. Convey your confirmation to the university, after which the university will send you a mail reconfirming your admission. Apply for student visa at the Irish embassy in your country or state and complete all necessary paperwork to get permission to stay in Ireland for the duration of your studies. Complete all other departure formalities and fly to Ireland at least one week before the orientation session of the university.

University Selection Criteria

1. Admission Requirements
2. Offering courses
3. Ranking
4. Tuition Fee
5. Possibility of assistantship
6. Rate of acceptance
7. Weather
8. Safety

Application Procedure

Below is the application procedure for Universities:

1. Application Form
2. Application Fee
3. Departmental forms
4. Supplemental forms
5. Mailing Documents
6. Application Material
7. Follow up of the application status

November 30, 2016

How to apply

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